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Most parents turn to martial arts to teach their kids discipline. Discipline is only one of the positive aspects of martial arts. 

We take pride in our Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu classes. Our goal is to teach your child how to deal with bullies, a confrontation and self-confidence.  Fight by building true confidence and awareness of one’s ability's. We empower kids to be respectful, learn critical thinking and have social awareness, while getting a great workout and having fun.  All these will manifest in everyday life; in school, sports, friends or in the streets.  

At Infinite Jui Jitsu we will teach kids to use verbal assertiveness to discourage bullying and several non-violent self-defense techniques to stay safe if physically assaulted. Importantly, we don’t teach how to punch or kick, since this often does more harm than good. Instead, we use leverage-based control holds to neutralize threats without violence. 

We invite kids from 4 to 9 years old to try us out.


The classes for Teens are performed at a higher level than the kid’s classes. The teens classes include more techniques that are performed at a higher level than the kids classes and are more challenging.

Warm ups are more intense and designed to improve their strength and overall conditioning. Techniques are taught in more detail and drilled intensively in every class. Workouts are harder so to advance their athleticism, this will enable them to perform at higher levels of competition, including additional sports activities.

The main goal in our teen and kids classes in to help improve their focus and empower them to be accountable for their actions. Self-defense techniques and approaches are reinforced to avoid the growing social problems of bullying in schools today.

We invite teens from 9 to 16 years old to try us out. Challenge yourself and have fun at the same time.


People join Martial Arts to get in shape and for the stress-relief effects. Others wish to improve their discipline and confidence. But most come to us for Jiu-Jitsu due to its efficiency on street self-defense. Infinite Jiu jitsu gives you the ability to overcome an attacker regardless of size and strength. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training can be used for street self-defense, anti- bullying, rape prevention, law enforcement and sport grappling tournaments.​

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the most efficient form of self-defense and it’s now practiced by many professional mixed martial artists and the primary form of self-defense taught to the military. Nowadays, assaults against law enforcement officers and excessive force allegations are at an all-time high. It is also common for military personnel to be assigned humanitarian missions, which often consist of performing police duties in foreign countries.

Infinite Jiu jitsu is honored to be able to provide a training environment where law enforcement officers can improve their professional skills and prepare themselves more efficiently to protect and enforce peace, while preserving their safety and the safety of others while doing their jobs in the line of duty.

This program is for both Men and Women.

Warrior Forged Project

From recreational members, to competitive athletes, Infinite Jiu-jitsu is one of the Sacramento areas largest BJJ academies for female members. As a female, BJJ can be intimidating at first. At Infinite Jiu-jitsu we make every class a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, where our goal is to make every female feel safe. We are the home of the Warrior Forged Project, a non-profit designed by women to provide free self-defense for the community and nationwide. Our female members provide a home-away-from-home family atmosphere for learning Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Kung Fu San Soo, and other self-defense arts.

The CEO of the Warrior Forged Project and BJJ Blue Belt competitor, Stacey Councilman, guides a hour class every Tuesday night. This is a women’s drilling class where we focus on drilling positions, ground defense, and getting comfortable with rolling. Please see our schedule for other classes for days and times.

Our motto...
Be Your Own Hero. Be Warrior Forged.

For classes and schedule, please visit:
Warrior Forged Project

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Infinite Jiu jitsu

Established in 2006, Infinite BJJ is home to multiple World Champions. Though we have a significant amount of first responders such as fire fighters, law enforcement officers, doctors, and military personnel, the school is comprised of a diverse group of students from all backgrounds, ages, educational levels, athletic abilities, and professions. Everyone is welcome at Infinite Jiu Jitsu so long as one follows the simple rules of safety and respect.

Infinite BJJ is a one stop shop in total health and wellness. Our school is a unique place, a haven, where you will be greeted enthusiastically as you walk through the doors. It is a place you can escape your daily worries, where everyone knows your name, a place to leave your troubles behind, even for just a couple of hours. Come join us and engage your mind, body and spirit in a physical sport of chess while creating life long friendships in a safe environment.

Do not be afraid to try us out! If you're not in shape, we will get you in shape. If you are in shape, you will get into better shape. Time waits for no one. Don't pass up this opportunity to enhance your life with Brazilian Jiu jitsu. At the end of our days, we will regret most the things we did NOT do. So visit Infinite Jiu jitsu and enjoy an unlimited pass for one week free! See you on the mats!

We are here to serve the Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Placer county, and  Sacramento area

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